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Savings Bank Account:

A/c can be opened by an individual singly or jointly with others, guardian on behalf of minor(s), non trading organization, charitable trust etc. as per R.B.I. guidelines. Compliance of KYC Norms, Also facility to open “Basic Accounts” account

Minimum Balance:

1. Rs.500/- for non-cheque book facility,
2. Rs.1000/- for a/cs with cheque book facility.
Interest @ 2.75% p.a. per day basis paid half yearly.

NO FRILL SAVING BANK A/Cs. Minimum Balance Rs. 0.00 (Zero) Without Cheque Book facility. No charge for minimum balance. Customer having income below Rs.50000 p.a.


Current Account:

A/c suited for customers for their business transactions.
Minimum balance to be maintained in the a/c Rs.5000/-.